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A heartwarming new novel from the author of the bestselling 'Mr Chen's Emporium'

Possum Brown

Inspired by a true event

It’s 1966, and a mountain pygmy possum – a species that scientists considered to be long-extinct – is discovered in the Victorian High Country and transported to Melbourne where newspapers dub it ‘the world’s rarest creature’.

Thirty-year-old Dr Katharine Wynter is a palaeontologist who’s more comfortable with ancient bones than live human beings, particularly men - an exotic species of which she has little personal experience, apart from a predatory professor who has made her working life hell.

Having studied the tiny possum in fossil form, Katharine is curious to see it in the flesh, but her much anticipated visit is disrupted by the presence of wildlife photographer, Scott King, taking pictures for an international magazine.

Before long, Katharine finds herself thrown together with Scott on a quest to locate the miniature marsupials in their habitat - the rugged Australian Alps. Along the way, the timid scientist discovers a side to her character she never knew existed, while the dashing photographer abandons his bravado and confronts memories he's hidden for decades.

As for the elusive possums, the cute little creatures lead their pursuers on a merry chase....


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